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Mechanical Disc Oil Skimmers

Mechanical Disc Oil Skimmers

Mechanical separation is a preferred method of source reduction, which plays a major role in today's manufacturing goals.

Source reduction leads to better usage of materials, energy and labor.

Disc skimers also leads to reduction in the waste generated by different manufacturing operation.

Industries primarily use two principal methods of mechanical separation namely adhesion techniques and skimming.

V M Tecknologies, makes every effort to offer best-in-class mechanical skimmers for adhesion techniques.

The Mechanical Belt Oil Skimmers offered caters to the separation need by adhesion technique, of diverse industries. Belt Skimmer has always been the traditional favorite of industries owing to the following aspects:

The company also offers stainless steel belts and cogged or flat polyurethane belts.

Apart from the above aspects, the detailed specifics are available in under mentioned tables. For more details please feel free to contact us.

Mechanical Belt Oil Skimmers

Mechanical Belt Oil Skimmers

Mechanical Belt Oil Skimmers for source reduction in industries is mostly done by adhesion technique using a mechanical disk. Source reduction leads to cost reduction and focuses on alternative operational practices.

The mechanical disc skimmer is immersed into the liquid, due to its rotation, pushes outside the polluting agents that stick to it. The disc, while rotating, meets two scrapers that are fitted with a rubber edge. These scrapers remove everything that gets stuck to the disc. The advantage of simplicity in technology is always appreciated.

The smart disk skimmer saves time & money
The prime highlights of the skimmer are as follows: Advantages:
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