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Lagoon Treatment

Marpol Oil Treatment

Marpol Oil Treatment

MARPOL oils can be reused as fuel following a simple treatment. 

Therefore, such treatment helps in preserving resources. Moreover, it is a environmental-friendly treatment concept.

Recycling measure includes separation of water and solids. Mechanical separation is the most suitable technology for this purpose. 

Water and solids can be quickly and efficiently separated by self-cleaning separators. 

Apart from MARPOL oils, various types of oils can also be treated like used oils, used emulsions or oil-containing mixtures.

Metalworking Fluid Treatment

Metalworking Fluid Treatment

Cooling emulsions and washing lyes must be kept free from solid impurities and tramp oil in order to maintain their properties.

By applying such simple metalworking fluid treatment measures, the life of such fluids can be substantially extended.

A fourfold to fivefold increase in service life can be achieved.

Besides reducing the operating costs, metalworking fluid treatment system also contributes in protecting the environment.

For this task, both manual cleaning separators and self-cleaning separators are equally effective.

Machine downtime is reduced to a minimum.

High surface quality due to improved machining additionally optimizes the economic balance in automotive and metalworking industry.

Lagoon Treatment

Lagoon Treatment

Oil-containing residues like effluents and oil sludge from lagoons, production units, tank cleaning, oil collecting points need to be treated for subsequent utilization.

The lagoon treatment concept is aimed to conserve fossil resources.

Mechanical lagoon treatment system using self-cleaning separators is highly economical and ecological.

The operating lagoon treatment system are capable of separating water and solids.

The separated oil can be used in various industrial applications as a fuel substitute.
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