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Case Studies III

Date: June 1997
X-Rite resolves the increasing dermatitis problem, while reducing machine downtime required to clean sumps. Coolant cost and disposal was significantly reduced by 50% with the use of Coolant Wizard. 

Coolant Used: AMACO semi-synthetic, water miscible metal working coolant

Problem: Complains of odor and skin irritation by operators. Downtime to clean the sumps was hampering production and the cost associated with coolant was increasing.

Conventional Control: Adding biocides, dumping sumps and then cleaning machines to eliminate odors.

X-Rite installed Coolant Wizard and trained its employees, establishing a metal working coolant management program. The sumps were monitored every day for concentration, adjustments to the fluid to maintain the level of concentration and an overall housekeeping. The use of Coolant Wizard System reduced the skin irritation, order was eliminated and the cost efficiency increased. The Coolant Wizard is now use, two times a week on the machines, on two shifts, while the operator involvement and filter element usage is nearly zero, presently. 

The fluid management program achieved the objectives and Coolant Wizard is the only system that could suffice the needs of X-Rite in terms of size, ease of operation and cost. Consequently, the cost involved in purchase of coolant concentrate and in the disposal of spent coolant, costing a roung$50.00 per drum, was reduced by more than 50%.

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